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Quick Guide to Reviews

If you’d like to see a snapshot of all my book reviews in spreadsheet form, go ahead and download the document from the link.  I will be updating this with every new review.

Quick Guide To Reviews

Some terminology:

“Subject matter” is self-explanatory; “format” refers to how the subject matter is dealt with.  For example, if the subject matter is yoga, the format could be “asanas” or “history” or “philosophy” etc.

The position of each book in a curriculum of reading is identified as

  • Core–meaning an essential text for students of that field;
  • Supplementary–a useful addition once core materials have been mastered;
  • Tertiary–non-essential; additional detail if one is interested

The level of each book is described as

  • Beginner–recommended for new students or as a refresher
  • Intermediate–for those who are already grounded in the fundamentals
  • Advanced–should not be attempted unless core and supplementary materials have been thoroughly mastered

Emphases are described as “theoretical” or “applied”–i.e. whether the focus is more on concepts or practice.

One thought on “Quick Guide to Reviews

  1. Larry Littany Litt on said:

    Hi Craig,
    Just found your blog. Very interesting and honest take on many aspects of a complicated subject.
    If you’d like a review copy of my latest book, link below, kindly let me know where to send it.
    Thanks in advance for your consideration and writing.



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